Are you retired or expecting to retire soon?

You have come to the right place!

Our unique approach combines self-discovery and preparational know-how and gives you the tools to deal with the challenging issues of post-career life and a clear path to a meaningful and purpose-driven retirement.

Retirement means pro-active reinvention! Whether you are already retired or planning to do so in  the near future - regardless whether you will work or not - retirement will impose some radical changes in your life!

You will be confronted with many new and demanding questions.  You might be asking yourself what will make you feel purposeful now... or you are feeling that there should be more to retirement than you are getting.

If you feel you need a lasting attitude change and you are seeking a strategic approach to get it right -- or if you are simply curious to find out if you are ready, our retirement coaching program is for you!

The objective of retirement coaching is to get exactly what you want out of your post-career life!

We will help you think through and to deal with the challenging issues of this new life-stage.

Participation in our program will help you to adjust your current mind-set to match your actual expectations.