About Susan

Susan Aftanis is a Compensation & Benefits Consultant and has devoted over ten years to Leadership Development, Career Coaching and Post-Career Coaching, the psychological preparation for the transition to retirement-life.  

In her activity as a Coach she builds on her business experience as an HR strategist and her background in psychology, as well as her own personal experience in making major life transitions and re-inventing herself.  

Susan has a genuine interest in people and their motivations and a passion to inspire them to be the best they can be. Her coaching approach concentrates on the proactive pursuit of increased life quality with focus on tangible results.  

Participants to her programs appreciate her ability to create a stimulating environment that combines inspiration through vision together with vigour and challenge within a supportive climate.  

Born and raised in Switzerland, and after living and working in the U.S., Susan moved to Geneva in her pursuit for a more international environment. Her early working career began at Digital Equipment Corporation where she had her first opportunity to work directly with company clients. After completing her studies at Webster University she began her career with Hewitt Associates, where she was given the opportunity to build a career covering all facets of Compensation & Benefits Consulting.


With her work dedicated to competence enhancement and motivation, she became increasingly interested in the field of behavioural science and applied psychology.

Parallel to providing expertise in the area of compensation and benefits, she continued to enhance her educational background in psychology and became trained in psychometrics, the measurement and assessment of mental functions. She then decided to capitalise on her human resources experience and established her own consulting business. 

Susan is fluent in English, German and French.

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