Leadership Development Programs for Individuals & Groups

We provide expertise in the interpretation of the most effective and industry proven evaluation tools to help individuals and organizations to naturally excel through clear personal insight and easy to apply and highly effective strategies.

We will give you the tools to teach yourself the essential leadership skills to achieve maximum effectiveness through interpersonal aptitude.

Research shows that up to 70% of leadership success is underpinned by higher levels of self-awareness. More and more of today's great leaders in business identify self-awareness as the most important competence for long term success.  Our programs are designed to promote self-understanding and optimize the positive impact you have on your organization’s performance.

Improve your effectiveness
and enhance authenticity of your leadership approach
through understanding of your personal style and strengths.

Maximize your potential
and the performance of your team
through appreciation of differences in personalities.

Promote your emotional intelligence
through understanding, appreciation and constructive use
of individual differences in personalities.

Optimize your influential impact

and encourage partnerships
through adaptation of your communication style.

Effectively manage stress
and resolve conflict through increased understanding
of your own and other people’s reactions to situations.

Scientifically proven methods 

Our leadership development programs draw on two of the most effective assessment tools available today, to evaluate, understand and build on personal styles that bring out the best leadership performance.More...